Mom Is Preparing Food For A Church Thanksgiving Meal. Who Comes In? I’M IN TEARS!

Being the mother of a soldier has to be really tough. Her son or daughter may be stationed thousands of miles away and it’s can be virtually impossible to come home for holidays. They generally have learned to accept it as part of the sacrifice of having their child protect their country. The mother in this video, though, was very upset at her son was not able to come home for Thanksgiving.

She was trying to make do by helping serve meals at her church. Then her son made a surprise visit… she saw him and was not able to do anything other than let out incoherent shrieks of joy as she hugged him. After about 25 seconds of that, she composed herself and walked back into the kitchen.

Military reunion videos are the best. Yes, there is something in the back of my mind that tells me that I’m being slightly manipulated as I watch these family members yelp and jump for joy as they see their fathers, brothers, sisters, uncles all coming back from military duty. They’ve had these things at baseball parks, schools, homes, parties, you name it. It’s all very sweet, but there’s also the patriotic nudge. Which is fine. I’m thankful what these soldiers do. Then again, I’m also aware I’m being played like a marionette at any movie drama.

It was so good to see this son make his mother’s Thanksgiving a one that she would remember for the rest of her life. She was surely thankful that she had given birth to him and this moment is now No. 2 on her list of Thanksgiving Days. We’ll see if she wanted an encore for the next year. The military may bend once, but probably not twice.

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