What This Mom Reveals After Pulling Down The Onesie Is A Trick I NEVER Knew! WOW!

The woman in the following video has been a mother for over ten years, but she only just discovered an incredible trick about onesies which is no doubt going to be very useful for all parents worldwide. Some baby vests come with “envelope sleeves” and you can find out how inventive you can be with them after you watch this video.

She shows that these “envelope sleeves” can actually be used to pull down the shirt without any contact with your baby’s face. So if you see your baby covered in some sort of mess, which can happen very often, you can evade face contact by rolling the shirt down, instead of removing it over the head! Isn’t that neat?

I’m not a mom and haven’t changed a lot of onesies, but even I found this fascinating because I also never questioned why the shoulders of a onesie, or a vest, are made the way they are, with the back of the onesie coming over to the front. Well, now we know why! This enables mom or dad to pull each arm out and slide the onesie down the baby’s body instead of over the head.

It’s genius, isn’t it? I wonder how many moms out there are kicking themselves for not knowing this? Kind of makes me wish my nieces were babies again so I could try it.

Watch the tutorial in the video below. Did you know about this onesie trick before? Share your thoughts about it in the comments!

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