Mom Shows The Incredible Way Her Dog Plays With Her Son, And It’s The CUTEST!

Everyone knows that dogs are the most playful friends you can have living with you at home. Most of them can be energetic throughout the entire day, without ever calming down. They’re very social, and like to push and invite others to play with them, since they’re always in that happy mood. Today we brought a video that shows a dog’s playfulness perfectly, and it’s a treasure. On it, you will see a very hyper and adorable dog who likes to play with her tiny human friend. She doesn’t have to do too much to make him laugh hysterically!

The happy pup Pumpkin has already become best friends with the newest member of the family, and she loves to make her laugh. To entertain her, all she does is run and bounce around her and smile, and though it’s a very simple game, it really shows the deep relationship that a human and a doggy can make, even at an early age. -I can’t help but adore when I watch moments as precious as this one. It’s just so cute to seem them being so happy together!

Watch their adorableness right under here! Don’t you just love seeing doggies and babies being cute?

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