Mom Shrieks At The Baby Monitor Screen When She Notices Something Terrifying In The Crib

After 18 month-old Sebastian started climbing out of his crib, his parents Laura and Dean decided it was time to install a baby monitoring system. Checking the camera feed one evening, Laura let out a shriek when she saw something lying in the crib next to her little boy. She could swear it looked like a small, child-like figure. “Sometimes he brings a teddy to bed with him, so at first I thought it could be that. But this just looks weird.” Then it waved at her. Teddy bears don’t do that!

She had Dean run up to Sebastian’s room while she kept her eyes glued to the monitor. When he got to the crib, he found Sebastian sleeping peacefully all by himself; there was nothing (or no one) in the crib with him. Here’s where things got really strange. Even though Dean found nothing in the crib, Laura still saw the ghostly figure on the monitor. Not only that, it was moving a little, shifting position. Sebastian even appeared to cuddle it. Laura could at least take some comfort in that: “If he is not distressed by it, then that’s good.” Still, she and Dean were understandably freaked out. They Skyped-in Laura’s sister, but she couldn’t see anything unusual. This went on until 1:30 in the morning. The mysterious thing in the crib finally disappeared when it was time for Laura to feed Sebastian.

Dean doesn’t believe in the paranormal but he was certainly spooked and can’t explain what happened: “I have checked out the camera and I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with it.” Laura, however, reports having noticed plenty of paranormal doings in their house. “We see orbs all the time and I have spotted shadows in the background of photos in the past but this is definitely the most clear thing we have seen so far.” She’s also observed Sebastian staring at corners and waving at things that aren’t there.

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