Mom Has A Surprise For Their 3 Dogs, But Keep Watching The White One Closely…

Very few events make us shed happy tears like a soldier returning home to his family and his dog after being away for so long. This even never fails to reduce us to tears. Everyone has seen videos of soldiers returning home to their families, and this is special enough in itself. Being apart for so many months really makes the family and soldier appreciate being reunited with each other, especially if neither side was sure they would ever see the other again.

The next video is certain to make you smile. In this video we are reminded that dogs are family too, and while it is always heartwarming to watch soldiers reunited with their families, this video makes us realize just how special the bond between dog and soldier can be. You will see how Burt, Amy, and Jasmine greet their dad in most adorable way possible.

Mom tells them to wait quietly in the living room and she makes sure the camera is ready to capture this moment on film. I don’t think Mom expects a reaction this adorable. Everyone is so thrilled and has their own unique way of showing how much they missed this soldier. This is too adorable to miss.

Watch this special doggie reunion for yourself in the next video.

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