Momma bear brings cubs to visit her favorite human

Momma bear and cubs

Patrick Conley, who lives in Asheville, North Carolina, has many online followers. He has become famous because some very uncommon but friendly and adorable visitors from the forest frequently visit his house.

He has been living in Asheville for many years and gets visits from bears every now and then. Recently, a bear who Patrick has named Simone and her cubs visited his home.

Simone has been visiting his house since she was a cub. Patrick had watched her grow from a baby to a full-grown bear. But this is the first time Patrick has seen her with a pair of cubs.

Momma bear and cubs

Patrick stood in his front yard and captured the incredible moment when the bear and her cubs approached his house. The bear looked at him and then turned away towards the forest.

The bear cubs were not in view at first. However, as soon as she looked at the forest, both her cubs came running down towards her. This seemed like a signal for the cubs to run out of the woods.

Soon, the mama bear and her young ones began to walk towards the porch, made their way up the stairs, and then looked at Patrick. Then, she sniffed around the whole patio and went down to the yard.

The two bear cubs soon followed her and then played around the area. They even attempted to climb a massive tree before going back to the forest. The adorable mama and the cubs had a wonderful time playing around the house.

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