Mommy gives birth to premature baby girl. The photo she took days later blew me away.

Having a baby be born prematurely is very frightening. You have to worry about how much vital body parts have developed in utero. The lungs are the most critical, if they aren’t developed enough, then any chance of surviving, even with assistance from oxygen machines are low. But even the most low-percentage premature births have found a way to pull through sometimes. This video shows one of them.

That nightmare scenario happened when Freya’s mommy delivered her early. She was only three pounds at the time. That’s really small for a baby, but there was no quit in Freya’s tiny frame. She was determined to make it and she won over everyone with her happy demeanor. Still, it must have felt like touch-and-go for a while for her mommy and daddy. Then something really cool happened.

Freya’s parents were worried about their little girl. Then they went over and looked at her and saw her giving them a gigantic smile, even with a breathing tube in her nose. Her mommy got the picture and put it on social media, where it went viral. The reason her mommy posted it too was to reassure parents of preemie children that it was all going to be OK. The feedback was tremendous, with people posting their own thanks for her message.

I can relate to this video – I was a preemie baby myself, being born three weeks early. What an incredible spirit. I was glad to hear that Freya is now a healthy, spunky two-year old. It’s scary for a parent to deliver early and it’s such a blessing when their child turns out healthy. But that wait for the baby to turn the corner to health can be excruciating. Fortunately, Freya’s story turned out to be happy.

What an amazing story. Do you have any preemie stories yourself? If you do, please head on down to the comments section.