Mommy looks at her tech-obsessed family. I couldn’t believe what year she wanted to go to.

People always like looking back and not forward. That’s why retro clothes and other things are always hot sellers. They like to return to an era where things were simpler. Sure, people of the 1980’s always worried about those evil Russians bombing the U.S. with nukes but they also wore some of the worst fashion ever devised. Shoulder pads for women? Really? This video shows someone who wants to go really far back.

We see a modern-day family of four. Jourdan Hathaway, her husband, and their son and daughter. Jourdan watches her family be lost in their electronic world. She then stares off to the side wistfully and suddenly she’s in the 1950’s in a black & white world. After a few seconds the color returns and she’s living her dream life in the ‘50s. It’s something that makes her and the kids enjoy themselves.

The wife is now a happy stay-at-home mom with her two kids. The family spends time doing things in the kitchen and around the house. Her relationship with her husband seems to be much better now that he’s in an era where he doesn’t have a cell phone in front of him all the time. They nuzzle and kiss near their era-appropriate car. The only misfire seems when they use a Coke can with the wrong tab. Minor nitpick.

Yes, there were a lot fewer distractions during those times. No cell phones, tablets, cable tv/streaming tv with what seems like eight billion channels. But let’s not mistake simplicity for worry-free. There was the beginnings of the Korean/Vietnam War, the impending Cold War with Russia, McCarthyism. It wasn’t a picnic. I feel that people look with rose-colored glasses at the past and this is another attempt at it. It’s cute, but keep that in mind.

What did you think of the video? It seemed like a lot of effort went into making things look authentic.