Mommy tries to take a nap, but baby has other plans…

If you were interested in learning more about parenting, social media feeds are definitely not a recommended source. The problem is that what people post on their feeds is highly selective: you’re only getting a slice of reality, not the whole picture.

People tend to show the world the best while not mentioning bad things that happen or, for that matter, boring things that aren’t worth mentioning. Even people who in real life are honest, straightforward and plain-dealing do this.

So because of all that, if you have friends with kids, parenting might look like a breeze — all fun, all the time. You’d think kids were always well-behaved, clean, never get temperamental, never get scrapes or bruises, and never cry. But wait, there’s more! Kids always play nicely with their friends and siblings and would never, ever break anything, right?

Simple common sense would tell you that things are a lot messier than that. And indeed, the joy and fun of raising kids are punctuated by challenges and annoyances. A cranky baby can keep you up all night.

Children get dirty and get other things dirty (floors, walls, carpets…). Dirty dishes pile up like you wouldn’t believe. And then there’s the laundry. Load after endless load of laundry. Oh, and did we mention tantrums?

The video posted below shows a bit of both sides of parenting. A mom and her baby are taking a nap. This is the good side of parenting: both are happy and it’s truly adorable little scene.

But as you’ll see the bad side crops up, although only in a mild form (and it’s actually kind of cute). There’s nose poking, a few kisses, hair tugging, eye poking, and lying across mom’s face. And then the little one brings out the ultimate weapon.

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EDITOR’S NOTE:  I don’t think he’s fooled for a moment that mom is “sleeping”. Smarty pants. That one is going to be a handful! If you liked that video, then here’s another one I selected for you that will warm your heart: