Mommy Shows Cat Her New Electric Toothbrush. His Reaction Made Me Fall Out Of My Chair.

Cats find the strangest toys. I recently wrote about a cat who became very enamored with a hula hoop. They tend to find anything in the house that is NOT a cat toy and decide to make that their top thing to play with. Meanwhile, these cat toys that their mommies and daddies spent money on just lay there on the floor, languishing. Well, at least for one cat named Dexter, an electric toothbrush is NOT a toy substitute.

Apparently, Dexter’s mommy was packing to go on a trip and she had a new electric toothbrush. She put new batteries in it and wanted to test that it worked before putting it in her back. She pressed the power button and the bristles started spinning. Seeing Dexter nearby, she shows it to him while it’s still running. He sniffs it and, probably not liking the feel of the spinning brushes, lightly bats it with his paw.

Mommy decides to give the toothbrush one more try. She fires up the bristles again and shows it to Dexter. Swat. It’s not like these are hard swats either. I see them as more half-hearted than anything else. Remember the book “He’s Just Not That into You?” Well, Dexter’s just not into this toothbrush at all. Cross one potential toy off the list. I’m sure that an electric razor would be a no-go either.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that he HATES the toothbrush. He seems to be acting more like it’s a toy to be batted at than anything. His ears aren’t back and he’s not hissing at it when he’s swatting at it. He also makes no move to attack it with his teeth, which would also be a sign of strong dislike. It’s more like “Eh. I’ve had better cat toys than this.” I just hope his mommy thoroughly washed the toothbrush again, since he might have been in the litter box recently.

Dexter was so cute in this video. What did you think? I’m not going to try to show my cats an electric toothbrush. Tell us your thoughts in the comments section!

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