Monkey Sees Magic Trick And Reacts Hilariously!

Who doesn’t love magic tricks? Well, apparently even monkeys appreciate a good show! In this video, we get to see what happens when an orangutan is shown the “disappearing ball act.”

A man is at the zoo visiting the orangutan exhibit. He sits on the ledge of the viewing window, with an adorable monkey on the other side staring back at him. The man takes a Styrofoam coffee cup and lid, and shows him that he is putting a walnut looking object inside. Alright, alright – the monkey is intrigued to see where this is going. He places the lid on top and shakes the cup around. Now it’s time to reveal the end result…

He takes the lid off and shows the orangutan the now EMPTY cup. What?! The monkey starts laughing hysterically by what just happened. The magician too joins in on a good chuckle, seeing how happy he just made his new friend. The monkey eventually gets control of himself and sits back up. He gets back in viewing position of the cup. Something tells me he is ready for another trick!

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