Most sought-after vintage toys of America during the 1960s

The 1960s was a fun time for those who got to experience it. People born in this century considered the good old days filled with tales of time without the internet and smartphones. Some of you might wonder how your grandparents survived this period. Nowadays, some of the most popular toys include miniature cars, cool bikes, kids’ tablets, or things of that nature.

However, most of those things were not available in the 1960s, which might make you wonder how kids during the 1960s survived. Recently, a snippet showcasing the most popular toys of the 60s gained immense popularity, giving insight into the forgotten popular toys during that century.

The first one on the list was Etch a Sketch. It was one of the perfect Christmas presents for creative kids back then. This drawing toy was created in the mid-1950s by a French electrician, Andre Cassagnes. Soon it began to fly off the shelves in the 1960s when it was produced in large numbers by the Ohio Art Company. Kids could play with the toy for hours, and when they were done, they could just shake the plastic console, and the picture would be erased. It was a much cleaner option for parents as no piles or pencils were inside.

Easy Bake Oven was another popular toy for kids in the 60s. It was an excellent combo for gifting with a doll house, as kids could create scenarios and different stories to have fun. G.I. JOE Toys during 1960 were also popular, and kids loved to play with their various action figures.

Chatty Cathy Doll was a big hit in the 1960s. Kids loved to play with dolls and would use their imaginations while playing. Every kid during the 60s wanted to own a Chatty Kathy doll at all costs. This doll was unique as it felt more lifelike, and kids could pull a string at the doll’s back and make her talk.

Kids have always considered robots to be a pretty cool thing. Back in the 1960s, robots were considered so cool that they were made into toys named Rock’ Em Sock’ Em Robots. The fighting robot boxers were on the Christmas list for kids of the 60s.

Barbie was a top-rated franchise as many animated movies and doll sets were released recently. However, Barbie dolls have been quite popular since the 1960s and are still very famous among children. Everyone wanted a Barbie doll and a doll of her boyfriend, Ken. The other popular games were board games such as mouse trap. Having mentioned these toys, there is no doubt that kids of the 1960s had a great time playing with them.

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Most sought-after vintage toys of America during the 1960s