Teacher & Mother of Five Sings “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” Brings Judges To Tears With Her Powerful Singing

BGTThere’s no telling when someone’s dreams are about to come true. Everyone has ambitions and hopes that they hold deep inside, but sometimes there are other responsibilities that limit people from pursuing their true passions.

Fulfilling your dreams isn’t always easy, and it’s common for people to sacrifice their passions for the sake of their families. Mothers, in particular, often put their ambitions aside to ensure that their children live happy and fulfilling lives of their own.

StageThis video highlights one mother who is working hard to follow her dreams while also taking care of her family. Becky O’Brien is a mother of five who endured an abusive marriage that ended in divorce.

Now a single mom, Becky works hard to take care of her kids as best she can, and her 11-year-old son suggested that she go on Britain’s Got Talent to show her amazing abilities to the world. With the encouragement of people so dear to her, she did just that.

She chose to perform her own special rendition of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow,” a classic that often moves people to tears. While the tune sounded quite different, Becky’s voice captivated the judges and audience members throughout the room, surprising them and keeping them on their toes. Her family was undeniably proud of their mom after she put herself out there and amazed the crowd with her talents.

There’s no doubt that this Beck will make a name for herself and continue to find success now that she’s started working towards fulfilling her hopes and dreams. With a supportive family and a wonderful voice like hers, she’s bound to do big things! Be sure to check out her amazing audition and leave your thoughts on the performance below.

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