Movie stars from the golden age of cinema dancing to “I’m So Excited”

I’m So Excited dance video, the 40s-80s version

Dancing is a skill that not many people have. Not for these early movie stars though. This video is a compilation of different movie stars from as early as the ‘40s showing off their incredible dancing skills.

Living in the present, there’s always some curiosity to know how things were done in the past. And somehow, this quenches the thirst on how the dance evolved with time.

These movie stars dancing to the hit single “I’m So Excited” by the Pointer Sisters gives an idea of how dance was, and how much it has evolved throughout the decades.

Most of these movies were shot mid-1900, from 1930 to the 1980s. Of course very different from the movies shot now, it is impossible not to notice the style and technique used in the dances.

I’m So Excited dance video, the 40s-80s version

For most of the movies, the dances were in groups. Unlike today where there’s lots of individual dancing. What’s most interesting is, there are no missteps throughout the video.

It is hard not to notice the flexibleness and how beautiful all dancers were. Each with a laugh on their faces, showing that they clearly enjoy what they’re doing.

We can only imagine how curious people are to know how dancing was like in the past. The video has almost three million views after being uploaded recently.

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