Mufasa the mountain lion was chained for 20 years! Watch the moment he is set free!

Animal abuse stories are always heartbreaking. Mainly because animals left to their own devices are very respectful of other creatures existences, as long as they are not provoked they usually are extremely kind! So it’s terrible to see that us, humans, do not pay in kind sometimes.

Mufasa a mountain lion, had lived chained for the past 20 years. He had been held captive by a circus in Peru. Forced to perform the mountain lion was incredibly depressed. Mufasa never thought he’d be able to live life freely as other mountain lions. Thankfully  Animal Defenders International (ADI) stepped in and saved the day.

Mufasa suffered great abuse from his trainers, whips, collar chains, electric stunners, these were truly cruel humans. This was the way they made Mufasa obey. ADI got word of the situation and immediately mobilized to help.

As the team enters his cage, Mufasa is visibly uneasy. He’s lost trust in humans after being enslaved. Fortunately, he warms up to the ADI team. They manage to unchain him without resistance, and Mufasa is finally set free in the forest.

Check out the video bellow, it is humbling for humans as much as it shows that we are also capable of great kindness.

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