Nashville Singer/Songwriter Tyler Hayes Writes A Touching Tribute Song For Joey Feek

Joey Feek, one half of the up-and-coming country music duo Joey+Rory passed away from ovarian cancer this last March. Throughout her battle, Joey’s husband Rory has been candid and honest with fans through his blog.

Rory’s updates, and the immense vulnerability he has shared with the public, drew attention to the duo. They gained a stronger following due, in large part, to the blog. Though the couple first gained some notoriety from their appearance on Can You Duet?, much of their popularity was achieved due to these tragic circumstances.

Fan and fellow musicians all over the world reached out to the couple to show their support. Cards, gifts, and prayers were directed their way during their struggle. One Nashville singer/songwriter decided to honor the couple in the way he best saw fit: by writing a song.

Tyler Hayes loved Joey+Rory right from the beginning. When he learned Joey was ceasing treatments for her ovarian cancer, Hayes penned her own tribute, which he entitled “Joey’s Song”.

With the help of Crystal Burks-Barker at Dark Horse Studios, producer Rich Prather, Christopher Floyd and many others, Hayes recorded his song, which he then released on iTunes. 100% of proceeds went to a charity of Joey’s choosing.

Watch Hayes’ touching tribute in the video below!

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