Navy Boys Sing Songs From The ’60s In Beautiful Harmony

The four voices of the U.S. Navy Sea Chanters come together in a brilliant display of talent that’ll send you straight down memory lane. There’s something uniquely comforting about this arrangement of songs from the ’60s. Their chorale performance is nothing short of perfect, while the selection of hits includes both big-name tracks and lesser-known favorites.

Standing and singing in their navy whites, these talented servicemen perform live from Mason District Park in Annandale, Virginia, in this footage from August 2018. It must have been an enthralling act to see live, but the full video quality in 4K is utterly amazing, allowing you to relive the magic. Their distinctive sound and vivid visuals will transport you straight back to a 1960 naval concert.

The four naval officers singing here come together with heavenly harmony. Their melody and tone sound exactly like a chorale group from the ’60s, as the U.S. Navy Sea Chanters sing a series of hits from a period of history where rock and roll were flourishing. Some songs you’ll recognize, others will be new, but you’re sure to find a range of new favorites in this medley.

Navy Boys Sing Songs From The \'60s In Beautiful Harmony