A Needy Cat Approaches A Police Officer. What He Does Next Isn’t Something You Are Expecting!

Cats are often perceived as less affectionate animals than dogs. While it is true that they don’t show their love and affection as much, you should never underestimate their ability to amaze you. Like the cat in this video! This video features a cat who just can’t help but bestow his love and affection upon a police officer who was busy in his own work.

This police officer from Texas was on his duty when suddenly he was attacked by this adorable cat. According to the policeman, he doesn’t know this cat and never ever met him. However, when you watch the video it almost looks like this cat remembers this policeman from somewhere and is asking for a treat or just his attention. It is so funny to watch how the cat reacts when he is not given enough attention by the police officer!

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