Neighborhood Comes Together To Sing Hilariously Catchy Country Song

Occasionally, we’ll come across a music video that is so hilariously perfect that we’ll do everything we can to make sure that you and as many of your friends as possible get the chance to see it!

This video begins in one of the funniest ways you could ever hope to see. A dog starts singing along to the Mark Weems country song, “Pee Pee Time.” Using some special effects, the creators of this video have made it look like the adorable dog next to the red fire hydrant is the guy who is singing this catchy song.


It seems as if the whole neighborhood offered their help to star in this music video because right after the dog starts singing, dozens of people and their pets come walking down the street in one of the friendliest-looking neighborhoods in all of America. Anyone with a dog will understand the meaning behind the lyrics of this fun little song.

Just when you think your dog is settled and ready for bed, you’ll suddenly hear a tiny little squeak. When you look up, you’ll realize that, once again, your dog is begging to go outside for some “Pee Pee Time.”

Don’t you wish all dogs could use the toilet? That would certainly make life a lot easier, but quite possibly messier. Maybe we should just stick with taking them outside for pee pee time.

Neighborhood Comes Together To Sing Hilariously Catchy Country Song