Neil Diamond Sings a ‘Christmas Prayer’ for Everyone Who’s Missing Someone This Christmas

Neil Diamond - Christmas MusicHe blessed the world stage in the mid-1960s, the eternal performer that is Neil Diamond. The intense young singer-songwriter quickly made his mark with success after success. His hits are legendary, with classics like the incredible, “Sweet Caroline” and the inspirational “Jonathan Livingstone Seagull.” He even wrote the hugely successful hit, “I’m a Believer,” for the mega-pop group, the Monkees.

More than half a century later, Diamond is still recording wonderful, heart-warming songs that never fail to move his audience. His huge appeal spans multiple generations and one of his most recent songs, called “Christmas Prayers,” has been enthusiastically received by fans of all ages.

Neil Diamond - Christmas MusicIn this profoundly heartfelt number, Neil Diamond reminisces on past holiday seasons shared with loved ones who are no longer with us, while at the same time celebrating those dear ones still here today.

Remembering those that have passed is a big part of Christmas. Losing a loved one is so hard — all the memories that you have become all that you have left of them. Christmas brings up that nostalgic feeling and makes you think about everyone you love.

The lyrics to this song say it all. “You will always be right here with me.” That is a powerful lyric for many people. He sings about them watching over us; I believe that they do. I know I have a few precious angels up there who are watching over me.

When you gather together with your family, telling stories of Christmases past, you can’t help but talk about the family members who have passed. Everyone has different memories than everyone else. So even though the family member isn’t here with us, we all carry them on in our minds. They will always be remembered and celebrated as we carry them on.

As Neil Diamond says, “You’ll always be right here with me, and in my Christmas prayers.” Christmas isn’t all about the gifts and the food and the decorations even though that adds to this special day. The reason for Christmas is what we are celebrating. The birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. With him are our passed loved ones. One day we can be together again and celebrate like we once did.

This song brings so many emotions with it. So many can relate it to their own lives, and Neil Diamond performed it flawlessly. I hope while listening to this; it brings great memories back to you. Leave us a comment below and tell us a memory from your Christmases past.

It’s heart-tugging tunes like this Neil Diamond original that help make our holiday season a little warmer, a little more joyful and full of Christmas spirit. But there is also nostalgia as we reflect on Christmases past that we once shared with loved ones now missing. Yet this sentimental song helps us remember and celebrate them, knowing that they’ll always be with us, “in my Christmas payers.”

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Neil Diamond Sings a  \'Christmas Prayer\' for Everyone Who\'s Missing Someone This Christmas