Neil Diamond Wants You To Wash Your Hands With This Hilarious “Sweet Caroline” Parody

With the spread of the coronavirus, we’ve seen a lot of celebrities share videos encouraging fans to stay safe and practice good hygiene. Neil Diamond even uploaded an acoustic parody of his song “Sweet Caroline” but changed the lyrics a bit.

With lines like “Hands washing hands, reaching out, don’t touch me, I won’t touch you,” you can’t help but laugh and sing along. The video was posted towards the end of March 2020 and has gained nearly five million views in a short amount of time.

One fan commented on the video, saying, “Now this is how celebrities should behave. Thank you, Mr. Diamond, you are a true class.” Many times we see celebrities as these untouchable people, but during this strange time, we know that they’re a lot like us.

Several people have mentioned using the audio of this song to time their hand-washing, making sure they wash long enough. Diamond told fans he loved them, and he hoped the parody brought a smile to the faces of many during this odd time.