New property has a serious design flaw – you won’t believe it when you see it!

More and more people seem to be designing and building their own houses these days as you can put together the perfect home for you and your family, putting your own mark on its character and adjusting it to suit your every need. But maybe not everyone should be given the chance to do it? Maybe there need to be some kind of test you need to pass first?! We’re pretty sure whoever put this property together wouldn’t have been granted permission!

At first glance, you might not pick up on the huge design flaw that totally ruins what might have been a nice house. But when you see it, it’s actually so glaringly obvious you’ll wonder how it even managed to be built! And surely at some point, someone must have come in and told the builders of the ridiculous mistake they were making?! Unless it’s just one big practical joke!

Have you got it yet? It’s the property’s driveway. Well, it’s the drive-way in relation to the actual garage to be exact. The driveway is at the side, and the entrance to the garage is at the front! How on earth did they get that wrong? Passers-by began to notice it and before long the photo had gone viral and the disastrous error had made national news, where it was dubbed the most poorly designed house in America.”

The location of the house wasn’t known until the news team decided to do some investigating. And to be honest, if you’d built this house you’d want the location to remain secret too! It was discovered to be in the small town of Clemmons in North Carolina, and reporters went on to show photographs of the shocking design to Josh Flagg – co-host of Million Dollar Listing on the Bravo TV network.

“I would tear it down,” Flagg confessed, “nobody would ever build a home that way!” While tearing the whole building down just because the designer and builder have messed up the driveway might be a little extreme – it’s certainly had the internet speculating as to what actually has happened! One viewer simply believes that the driveway is unfinished in the photographs, while another suggests that the owner is going to use the garage as more of a “man cave” and keep the vehicles our front!

Watch this rather frustrating news clip below and see what you think. Is their method to the madness? Or has someone just really messed up?! It’s a headscratcher for sure!