The newest musical talent: 4 year-old girl and her dad sing Disney songs

It’s always nice when a dad and his daughter can find a fun activity they both enjoy. For Claire Ryann and her dad Dave, it’s singing — only they make videos of their duets and post them on-line.

Claire showed signs of musical talent early on. Just after her first birthday, her dad saw her banging away on a small electronic keyboard. The interesting thing is that she started hitting one note over and over again and sang it at the same pitch. Before long, Claire became obsessed with Disney songs, especially anything from “The Little Mermaid.” As her dad told a reporter, he was paying a cashier for an oil change when Claire, who was 3 at the time, “suddenly burst out into the Little Mermaid song, walking around the waiting area and being so dramatic. It made everyone in the waiting room laugh and people were pulling out their cell phones and recording it. That gave me the idea to put a video on YouTube. A few months later, during Christmas break, we finally made our first video to the song from Little Mermaid.”

That got millions of views, so Claire and her dad made more covers of Disney songs. We’ve posted an especially nice one below, their performance of “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from “Toy Story.” He’s on the guitar and sings the first part of the song, then Claire does a solo, and finally the two of them finish the number with a lovely duet. A song that has lyrics like “And as the years go by, our friendship will never die. You’re going to see it’s our destiny, you’ve got a friend in me,” is perfect for a dad and daughter who are obviously two peas in a pod.

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