Nine women perform catchy line dance to ‘Sugar Sugar’

Nine women performing catchy line dance

A group of women in Thailand has shared a unique take on line dancing by doing it to the Archies’ hit song ‘Sugar, Sugar.’

While line dancing is predominantly done to country music, these ladies throw the rules out and perform a cute little line dance to this bubblegum pop classic.

For those that do not know, line dancing is a choreographed dance where people dance to a repeating sequence while in a particular formation of lines or rows. The history of the dance dates back over 60 years.

Nine women performing catchy line dance

The first actual line dance dates back to 1957. In Columbus, Ohio, a novelty dance called the Madison was created. The dance took off and evolved into different forms over the decades as music evolved.

Apart from dancing in dance halls, clubs, weddings, etc., this type of dancing has taken on another function over the last decade. Line dancing has become more popular as a form of exercise.

Even in the east, as far as Thailan, elderly people are seen line dancing in parks early in the mornings in city centers. Not only is it a fun way to stay fit, but it is also a good exercise for the brain as it needs to focus on completing patterns.

One viewer commented: ‘Lovely to watch this, especially when done to the ultimate bubble gum song! Congrats to the choreographer and everyone involved!’ This is the ultimate video to inspire people to start line dancing for fun or exercise.

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Nine women perform catchy line dance to \'Sugar Sugar\'