She Had No Idea She Was Being Filmed. But Watch When She Started Singing Reba’s “Fancy!”

This is one of cutest performances EVER! This tiny four year old was out driving with her mom and big brother. And she is quite oblivious that she is actually being recorded on video. So when mom switched on the stereo to Reba McEntire’s 1990’s hit “Fancy,” you are going to melt at what this little girl does! I wonder if she would have performed this way if she knew she was being recorded.

She is a natural performer, that’s for sure! “Fancy” by Reba is still enjoyed by millions of people all around the world, and it is definitely not an easy song. But the way she does it just nails it! Even Reba herself shared this video some time ago! What a dramatic little firecracker! You’re going to fall in love with this adorable performer!

This little girl is in the back seat of the car and I think mom must have known what she would do when that song was played, so she had her camera ready. She doesn’t know all of the words to the song, but she sure has the gestures and dance moves down, even in her car seat.

She also tries to copy Reba’s emphasis on certain parts of the song and does a great job on chorus. She knows the words to chorus, that’s for sure! She even has the accent!

Watch the video below! Did this little girl’s performance make you smile? Let us know if you enjoyed this through your comments!

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