NO ONE Wanted This Poor Pup. Watch What Happens When THIS Girl Finds Him

We all know that there are many organizations that work day and night for the rescue of abused dogs. We have seen that so many of them just end up in shelters until they get noticed. There is the risk of being euthanized if they aren’t adopted after a certain amount of days.

This clip shows a shelter dog that waits very patiently to be adopted. He is a gorgeous little beagle, so patient and sweet hearted. He sits in his little bed watching the people walk by ignoring him. He never once barks at all.

Things get worse when he sees that his neighbor has been adopted but he hasn’t. He starts to lose his nerve and thinks that he is never going to get taken when a little girl passes by him. At first she walks by but then stops and returns. They instantly fall in love with each other. They meet hand and paw on the window in what is clearly meant to be.

Whew, at the end of the clip we see the two of them snuggled up and in bed by the fire at home so he must have been adopted!

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