Nobody Was Prepared For The Adorable Reaction This Little Boy Had Upon Meeting His New Baby

It is the dream of many parents to have their one and only child become an elder sibling to the new baby that is added to the family. When Logan’s mum gave birth to her baby, I’m sure they must have been wondering how Logan would take it. After all, he was an only child for so long, and being only two years old, he may have felt the attention slipping away from him and resented his new sibling.

So when he entered the hospital room where his mum waited, holding her new born, he did something that left everyone surprised! He gave his mama a hug and then hugged his baby sibling as well! In fact, he looks excited to be a big brother!

He even gave the newborn a kiss on the head and seemed to want to hold the little infant, always giving the baby a hug. Now I don’t know how safe that is, but I love the toddler’s reaction.

This moment probably also gave his parent reassurance that all would be well when they went home. For sure, this is one moment in time that the parents will never, ever forget. This is when their little baby becomes a big boy.

Watch the video to see Logan’s reaction as he sees his baby sibling for the very first time! This is SO ADORABLE!

Do you have stories of when your only child became an elder sibling? What was their reaction to their baby siblings? Write in and tell us in the section below – I love hearing your stories!

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