Relive the nostalgia of the ’70s with America’s “You Can Do Magic”

There’s nothing like a classic ‘80s video remastered in HD to bring back memories. The high-quality footage is steeped in classic ‘80s vibes featuring the music of ‘America.’

The band performs their hit ‘You Can Do Magic’ on a stage set up to look like the sky with light blue backgrounds and clouds. Five members comprise the band, with three guitars, a bass player, and a drummer.

The song ‘You Can Do Magic’ was written by Russ Ballard and recorded in 1982 by the rock duo ‘America.’ It was featured in their album ‘View from the Ground.’

Before this hit, the band’s last Top 40 hit happened in 1976 with ‘Today’s the Day. ‘You Can Do Magic’ reached number 8 on the Billboard chart. The video for the song has an instrumental break where a special effect shows the band performing on a playing card.

A pair of hands grabs the card and shuffles the deck, then it cuts back to the band playing and singing. After the second round of verse and chorus, it shows the band on cards again.

At the end of the song, the hands grab the deck of cards and pull out the Joker, and they lay it flat on the table and then spread the rest of the cards out behind it.

The performance is total ‘80s nostalgia, perfectly made by ‘America.’ Their tight harmonies and catchy hook brought them success in the decade, and now we can all enjoy the HD remastered version of this classic.

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Relive the nostalgia of the \'70s with America\'s \