Now Category 5, But If Irma Goes ‘Category 6’ It Could Wipe Florida Off The Map

Hurricane Irma Florida

UPDATE: Florida braces for impact. Hurricane Irma intensifies into a full-blown “superstorm” with 185+ mph winds and is growing in “ferocious intensity”. Life-threatening conditions, rainfall, and deadly storm surge is forecasted. 

Irma appeared on the radar after Harvey hit Texas and it is intensifying at an alarming rate, leaving many Florida resident’s asking, “Should I evacuate?” If you are ordered to evacuate, do so immediately. Do not attempt to wait out the storm.

It looks bad. Meteorologists are shocked at how quickly Hurricane Irma has been increasing in strength. Weather researches and authorities are now warning if it hits the United States as a deadly Category 5 hurricane, the destruction would be biblical. It could wipe entire coast cities off the map.

Even now, we are still reeling from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. The financial toll has been unprecedented. The economic damage could easily end up surpassing that of any other natural disaster in US history, including Hurricane Katrina.

But there is every indication that Hurricane Irma could be even worse. Hurricane has Irma expanded into a 180mph “superstorm”.

Hurricane Irma is predicted to continue to escalate in deadly strength as it moves through the Caribbean. Weather models project Irma will be at Florida’s doorstep later this week with winds projected to exceed 180 miles per hour… at minimum.

Is it just a coincidence that “Irma” was the name chosen for this new powerful, unprecedented storm? In original German, “Irma” literally means “war goddess” and if it makes landfall in Florida and/or along the East Coast, it could level whole cities, literally ripping buildings apart, sending massive shot-gun blast of deadly debris hundreds of miles in all directions. But the worst is yet to come. After every storm there is a flood.

According to the latest weather models analyzed by weather scientists, Hurricane Irma gets closer, and Florida officials sound the alarm to get out of its way. This will brief you on the situation:

If you are ordered to evacuate, please do so and take your pets with you.