Police Help Lost Senior With Alzheimer’s To Get Home With An Important Stop Along The Way

In the eyes of our minds, we see ourselves age gracefully. We dream that we will not be diagnosed with any lifestyle disease that seems inevitable to contract. We dream that our last days will be everything but full of pain. However, with it comes the high probability of being diagnosed with cancer, hypertension, and even cancer, just to mention a few.

One of the most draining diseases is Alzheimer’s disease- a neurological disorder that kills brain cells and, by extension, causes memory loss and cognitive decline. While the patient may not experience physical pain, it certainly hits their mental stability and wellbeing. What worse is, since there is no known cure for it, it can only be managed, but the patient’s condition deteriorates over time.


Through rigorous tests, doctors have found that patients’ memories become hazy and confusing, and in severe cases, some totally forget their loved ones and, with it, all the beautiful memories they had together. However, there are instances when they can remember a few things. Melvyn Amrine is one such person.

The 83-year-old who lives in Little Rock, Arkansas, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s three years ago. Having lived with his loving wife all his life, one can only imagine how it may have affected their relationship. How he still managed to remember that on Mother’s day, he took flowers to his wife even with his failing memory, still baffles his family members.


Melvyn has been doing this faithfully since they had their first child. And yet, on one occasion, on his way to deliver the flowers, he drifted two miles away from home. Thankfully, some officers helped him find his way back. They didn’t just help him home, though; they made sure his errand was fulfilled first. It was such a kind gesture from the men in uniform. They were so touched by this man’s complete and utter love for his life. A love so strong it still fights through the Alzheimer’s.

Police Help Lost Senior With Alzheimer\'s To Get Home With An Important Stop Along The Way