Old woman’s tale on travelling alone on 4 cruises. When asked why, her response is priceless!

Let’s face it; our health system isn’t exactly the greatest on Earth even if many do claim that. Costs are so high that you would probably have to sell your house and still remain in debt or pay for medicines through your nose for the rest of your life. With that in mind, the elderly of our nation do face a huge crisis. Our senior citizens do not receive the care and attention they deserve and end up being burdened with high premiums that wipe up all their savings before they can even sneeze.

This has led to many of them coming up with ingenious ideas on what to do when they are too old to take care of themselves. Instead of heading to a retirement home where caregivers really don’t give a damn  or environments which lead to the patients having more injuries than not, the older generations end up being more neglected than ever before, often ending up on Medicare or the hospital.

This elderly lady decided that was not the route she wanted to take in her later years and after doing the math, saw that it was not only cheaper but also more preferable to take cruises for the rest of her life. According to her, she would have had to shell out around $200 per day to live in a retirement home. On the other hand, she would have to spend only $135 a day when travelling on Princess Cruise Liners due the amazing senior and long term travel discounts. This meant that she would have $65 extra per day for gratuities, tips (which would ensure she always have great service), meals and much more.

Overall, the Princess Cruise ships would take really good care of her. She would, in her own words, “be treated as a customer, instead of a patient.” This seems to make the world of difference for the aging population. You end up getting room service, it’s a place where all services are rendered with a smile and any problems are met with an apology instead of grumbles. Best of all, they get to meet a whole new bunch of people every week or two weeks when travelling to different destinations all over the globe!

When explained like this in the video, it made it really clear to me that this is the option for me when I get older. Sounds like Paradise! What did you think of the video after you watched it? Do you think this would work for you? Let us know in the comments section!