Older Couple Heard Noises Coming From Outside Their Window. What They Found? WHOA!

In the movies, when there’s a noise outside a house and someone goes out to investigate, that usually means an axe-wielding homicidal maniac awaits them. After seeing those movies, if I hear a noise, I run around the place locking everything and muttering, “Nope. Nope. Nope. Not gonna get me, Mr. Axe Man, nope.” Then I find out later it was just the postman dropping off a package. How embarrassing.

Maybe this couple in the video are not horror movie fans. Maybe it was the fact that they heard the noise in broad daylight. Masked homicidal killers prefer to work late at night or in a thunderstorm. Preferably both – there’s just something about the way the backdrop of the lightning makes things even creepier. Anyways, this couple went outside and they found something in a window drop in their yard. It was a sleeping masked homicidal killer. No, just kidding. It was a fawn that had fallen in and become trapped. The mother deer was nearby, eyeing the situation nervously. Undeterred, the husband went over and scooped up the fawn. It then scampered over to her mother and the two ambled off.

What really made the video was that deer mother standing off to the side. Usually, they are very skittish of humans, but she was also not leaving her baby behind. Instinctively, she must have known that the man and woman were there to help them. Once they were reunited, they left the scene.

Animal rescue videos always make me happy. It doesn’t matter the animal. Show me someone saving a deer, dog, bird, heck, even a humpback whale, and I’m clicking ‘Like” about a billion times and leaving happy comments. Humans get a bad rap as a spoiled, self-centered species and it’s just really beneficial to see them helping animals. There’s just some kind of balancing of the karmic scales there, in my opinion. Humans need all the karma they can get.

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