Orangutan Was Asked If He Wanted To Babysit These Baby Tigers. His Response? AMAZING!

If you’re like me, your heart melts when you see interspecies animals becoming fast friends. So when this male orangutan jumped at the opportunity to babysit a litter of tiger cubs, we are grateful the camera caught the adorable action on tape.

Not only is the orangutan happy with his babysitting responsibilities, the tiger cubs also seem to be more than excited to be with such a loving caretaker.

The footage in this video was shot at the Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina for a Discovery Family Show. Originally, humans were caring for the bunch of tiger cubs. But little did everyone know, the orangutan was watching and taking notes. As soon as he was ready, he decided he wanted to get in on the babysitting action. You’ll see that he does a great job!

Watch as he cradles the baby tigers as he nurses them with milk bottles. The tiger cubs are jumping all over him and playing just like little kittens. The orangutan takes great pleasure in playing with the little tigers and wants to spend time with them almost every day.

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