Orphaned Albino Elephant Takes First Walk With New Family

When you picture an elephant, you likely imagine a giant, grey, wrinkled animal. While that’s the most common elephant species, there’s a rare type called the white elephant. These creatures are unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Most albino elephants are light in color, but elephants tend to look light pink with fair eyelashes and toenails. They look absolutely stunning next to African elephants, especially a calf named Khanyisa.

The Herd Elephant Orphanage in South Africa is home to many rescued elephants that were saved in the nick of time. Khanyisa is one of those babies who lives a happy and healthy life thanks to the orphanage’s volunteers and staff.

With colorful autumn leaves painting the background, it’s time for the Jabulani herd to enjoy a morning walk. Clearly, Khanyisa is enjoying her time with her friends and family. Watching a baby elephant walk is bound to put a smile on your face.