Orphaned baby deer finds love, hope, & family with Oregon couple

Dawn and her husband are a happy couple living in Oregon. One day, while Dawn’s husband was out in his yard, he heard a Black-Tailed baby deer bleating like a sheep. The little one ended up standing on his feet when Dawn’s husband walked towards the sound.

The couple decided to take him to the vet immediately. They named the baby deer Thor. After the vet examined Thor, he told Dawn that Thor was probably abandoned by his mom.

Usually, the baby deer lie around quietly for a couple of weeks while their mothers come and feed them. However, Thor roamed in the forest alone, which was not a good sign.

The vets did not have space for Thor. So, Dawn and her husband adopted the baby deer. Throughout the journey with him, Dawn decided that Thor would never be a pet, and she would raise him like a wild animal.

The couple created a big enclosure for him. For the first month and a half, Dawn would sleep in a tent near the enclosure to keep him safe. First, she fed Thor every 3 hours. Then, she did a lot of research and found that deer can’t drink cow milk, so she fed him goat milk.

By the time Thor was 4 months old, he was out in the wild. However, he would return whenever Dawn called out for him. Sometimes, if Dawn was late to give him milk, he would come to the kitchen door and wait outside for his milk. The other deer in the forest are either his sisters, cousins, or aunts, so he would not be mating them. Thor is now 2 and a half years old and searching for a companion.

He would go away into the wild for some time but return from time to time to meet Dawn. It was a joyful reunion. His bond with Dawn became closer after he had a recent leg injury. The kind woman tended to him, massaged his leg, and did physical therapy. Fortunately, he healed and can run and jump now. Thor has now become a part of the local herd, with 14-18 deer. Everyone is in the trust circle of the group of deer, which is very rare.

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Orphaned baby deer finds love, hope, & family with Oregon couple