Orphaned Squirrels Build Strong Bonds Of Trust After Being Rescued By A Loving Human- AWW!

We all make mistakes in life. It’s important to recognize this, acknowledge the mistake, and then move on with the hopes and dutiful mindset of not repeating said mistake. It’s how we all grow, it’s how we become better than we are or were. It’s a part of life and the flow of the world to learn after making a mistake. The severity can determine how well you will remember.

One man was doing work outside and while working near a tree, he made a tragic and irreversible mistake- he cut down a tree that was housing two, little squirrels. After losing their home, their tree full of safety and stored nuts, they were also distanced from their mother and consequently orphaned. The story would make a sailor sob to the sea and back.

Elliot Lambardo found himself in quite a pickle, as he was solely responsible for the tiny squirrel’s predicament. He wiped the tears from his eyes and made sure that he took care of those little darlings. It can be hard to believe after such a short period of time, that someone has changed.
It takes a certain level of faith and hope that the one who just destroyed your home didn’t mean to. Believing their situation wasn’t a result of malice must’ve taken a giant leap of faith and when you see the two cuties react to Elliot, you’ll realize that they may have been a bit too literal.

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