Owner asks husky “How are you?” — internet is in love with her adorable response

If you want a true talking dog, you’re out of luck. Really, it’s too bad. It would be really interesting and entertaining to have a dog that could tell us what was on their mind. Sure, there would be frequent demands for dog biscuits and other practical business to take care of. But a dog would have wonderful observations to make about their surroundings and life in general. Plus, our canine friends can be so goofy, they’d have some truly surreal things to say.

The next best thing to an actual talking dog is a husky. They’re about the most “talkative” breed there is. Plus, they’re extraordinarily handsome, energetic, friendly, and good with children.

Huskies were originally bred by the Chukchi, the indigenous people of the far eastern end of Siberia across the water from Alaska. They needed a hunting assistant who was tough, hard working, and didn’t mind pulling sleds. It was also nice to have a dog that was big and with a nice warm coat — the Chukchi call a really cold night a “three dog night,” in other words, it takes three huskies piled on you to stay warm! Most dogs merely bark, but huskies make all sorts of loud wolf-like howls. In the forests of Siberia, this serves as a way to alert people and other dogs at a distance. For huskies who live in the lap of luxury as household pets, it’s just their way of “talking.”

Mishka is a good example of husky talkativeness. As you’ll see in the video posted below, she has an amazing voice. When her human dad says, “Good morning, princess,” it just gets a yawn from the beautiful blue-eyed dog. “How are you? How are you this morning? Doing good?” prompts some amusing ear movement. “You feel like talking?” gets a Husky smile from Mishka and then after dad asks, “You wanna talk?” the conversation gets going!

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