Her Owner Asks Her To Do A Trick. What She Does In Response? You’ll NOT Believe Your Eyes!

I have never seen a cat that could do tricks until I came across a video of Didga. She proved that even cats can be trained to perform tricks when she rolled over at the command of her owner alongside her canine partners. And now this little feline is back with another brilliant video which will show you what else she can do!

This time her owner showed her some clips on the internet that displayed the best dog tricks. This got her even more motivated. Didga was adopted from a shelter and she is now with a very loving owner who also happens to have three huskies. You are going to be in awe when you see how amazing she is! She can ride skateboards, perform tricks, and just about anything a dog can! Just look at her go!

This is a compilation video of the seemingly endless tricks that Didga can perform, and some of her favorite activities that also are not normal for cats to enjoy. She loves to swim in the sea and in the pool, and can even surf a little! She can not only ride a skateboard, but can jump an object and land on the moving skateboard. This is one amazing cat!

But the funniest part is the beginning when she goes to the computer and “types” in a Google search for amazing dog tricks, sees how many YouTube views it has, and decides to make her own video. It’s hilarious.

Watch the compilation video on Didga’s tricks below! Can your cat do any tricks? Let us know in the comments!

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