Owner Carries Her Service Dog To This Dying Woman’s Bed. What Happens Then? I’m In TEARS.

We know full well that dogs are one of the best creatures on earth. And this video gives all of the evidence that anyone who doubted that would need. Warning…this will make you cry!

Beautiful Baxter used to be a service dog. Before his death, this precious pooch was the oldest living service dog in the world at 19 1/2 years old. He had spent those years bringing all the happiness and joy in the world to vulnerable people, particularly those that were admitted to this hospital in a critical condition.

He was almost 2 decades old, but that didn’t in any way deter this amazing pooch from his important duty. The video below features an incredibly moving and special moment featuring this most amazing of all service dogs.

Baxter was already a senior dog and he was at a point in his life where he was even unable to walk. However, his owner helped him travel from room to room in a wagon.

If a patient wanted to spend time with him, he would arrive in style and simply hang out with them for as long as they needed him. And never once did this marvel of a dog complain or demand a rest.

It’s true, not all heroes wear capes! And we think old Baxter was the best of heroes, don’t you?

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