This Owner Enjoys Taking Her Pet Of Walks Around Her Town! However She Owns A Stallion!

All pets enjoy walks with their humans. With enough love and trust some animals will do everything with humans just because we are their best friends as well! You can observe this behavior in dogs and cats however, imagine a horse just going on walks. Carol Whitaker enjoys taking her pets on walks around the neighborhood. However, Carol doesn’t own a dog or a cat. Instead, she owns a beautiful black Friesian stallion named Apollo!

This four-legged friend is a sight to behold. He’s much bigger and taller than Carol, and as the two walk around the neighborhood, his mane flows freely in the wind. It’s a majestical sight! Horses in general are extremely beautiful creatures, however believe me, this one is particularly handsome! You won’t believe how elegant they look!

Carol says, “Not a day goes by that I don’t thank the good Lord above for my magnificent stallion, Apollo. He has a heart of gold! He’s the most charismatic, fun, loving, respectful horse I’ve ever known.”

I love to find down to earth pet owners; Carol’s relationship with her horse is one of true friendship! Check out their awesome walk through the neighborhood!

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