Just Watch And Be Amazed By Pancho The Chihuahua Yoga Guru… TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!

Most people that have tried doing yoga around their dogs will tell you what a disaster it was. The dog can’t sit still and will come licking and jumping at you while you’re busy balancing! But not all dogs.

This adorable little Chihuahua named Pancho, as you will see, can definitely hold the “downward dog” position. Perfectly following his owner’s, Nic Bello, instructions, Pancho never misses a step. His face when looking to the right and to the left is priceless. So cute!

Pancho is the definition of the zen dog. Never barking, always paying attention and moving accordingly, Pancho will be teaching yoga in no time. But in order to attend his lessons, you’ll have to learn some Italian.

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