Parenting in the 1980s: Remembering the magic that shaped a generation

The 80s was an exciting era, and the parents from that time had their own ways of raising children. Rhetty for History, an online user, recently shared a video clip that gave an insight into the life of the 80s parents. The clip is a trip down memory lane for those who lived through that era and provides valuable parenting tips for modern parents.

Unlike today’s kids, who can spend hours on their electronic devices, children in the 80s could have fun with just a bicycle. As long as the kids were home by evening, everything was fine. No tablets, smartphones, or social media – just pure outdoor fun.

Knowing what your child was reading or listening to was also much easier in the 80s. You didn’t have to search through browsing history or check phone messages. Instead, you could check out their bookshelf, music collection, or magazine stash. It was a hands-on approach that ensured your children were not exposed to inappropriate content.

Another exciting aspect of parenting in the 80s was the lack of technology. For example, children didn’t have phones of their own. Instead, most telephones were located in common areas of the house. This made it easy for parents to keep an ear out for their kids’ conversations. In addition, it was an effective way for parents to be aware of their children’s activities.

Car safety was not a top priority for parents in the 80s. There were no mandatory seat belt laws until 1984, and car seats for kids were seen as a luxury item. Most parents would put their children in the back of the station wagon and hope for the best. It was a different time, yet somehow most children managed to survive.

Family activities were also different back then. A trip to the mall was a favorite pastime, and each family member had a store to visit. Dads would go to the shoe store or check out the latest electronics. At the same time, moms would browse through clothing stores. Kids had music stores and arcade games to keep them entertained. It was a fun way for families to spend time together without screens or devices to distract them.

Shows like Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood was considered educational and a great way to keep kids entertained while parents had some free time. The 80s parenting taught children to face difficulties independently and learn essential life lessons. Finally, dinner time was a particular time for families in the 80s. It was a time to catch up and speak to each other. The lack of screens and devices meant families could have meaningful conversations and connect.

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Parenting in the 1980s: Remembering the magic that shaped a generation