Milo The Parrot Starts Dancing On The Couch. Moments Later? No One Expected THIS!

Behold Milo The Magnificent. He is a 12-year old Eclectus parrot is sexy – and he knows it very well. This incredibly energetic parrot bird does an amazing dance every time he hears his favorite song “Sexy and I Know It” on the radio. I knew that animals could enjoy music as much as people can, but this is a little bit more than I expected — what a crazy parrot! You can’t help but love Milo.

Milo shows that he can bust a move with a groove in the hilarious video that we present to you just below. He’s never been instructed or taught how to dance, but that has never stopped him from becoming a sensational dancer throughout his life along with his faithful human parents. LMFAO’s famous hit song resonated with the parrot since it was released, and he has loved it since then.

It’s fascinating to watch this because while parrots are known for their responsiveness to sounds and music, I would’ve never imagined that they also understood rhythm and groove. You don’t have to wonder how smart these birds are; the proof is right here.

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