His Parrot Wanted To Go Outside. But His Owner Says No. What He Does In Revenge? HILARIOUS!

Bird owners totally love their pets, but to the rest of us it all seems a bit confusing. You can’t really pet them, they make loud noises and often their cages smell unless kept perfectly clean. Now a hilarious video has come out that shows both sides of being a bird-parent: the good and the bad.

Eric the parrot really wanted to go for a walk, but because of the rain he was stuck inside. So what’s an energetic little bird to do? Other than go crazy of course!

“Eric no!” the clip starts, as the angry bird pulls the lid off of a change jar. This act of defiance was just the beginning for this rebellious parrot and he had much bigger plans in store.

Suddenly Eric picks up a quarter, flinging it across the room with his beak. All the while his owner is screaming, “NO!” but Eric clearly doesn’t care at all. He just wants to go for a walk!

The only thing that pulls Eric away from his rampage is a threat of the “scary fish” being put right on the shelf – that shut the parrot right up. He even tries to pick up some of the coins he flings, but with little success. Beaks aren’t really built for change.

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