Parrot’s Daddy Puts On An Irish Tune. I Loved What He Did Next On Top Of the Stereo.

There are fewer things better in life than just letting a song take over your body while you dance. The rhythm takes over and your mind stops thinking. It’s all about the music and nothing else. There are so many different types of music out there too. It’s surprising what can make some people – or animals – want to get up and start dancing. Take this video, for instance. It’s short, but very cool.

We see a parrot standing on top of a stereo while one of his parents plays an Irish Folk tune. He starts tapping his feet to the beat. It’s quite impressive. He lifts his legs up and down too, though he doesn’t leap up high like the Irish dancers do. The video ends with him leaning toward the camera with what seems like an impish grin.

For some reason, I’m reminded of the video for Michael Sembello’s “Maniac” from the movie “Flashdance” It’s just the way that the parrot is moving his feet up and down. Of course, he’s doing this minus a leotard, leggings and a very 1980’s hairstyle. But the resemblance is there. Maybe his mommy or daddy should put “Maniac” on the stereo and see what happens… probably still couldn’t top this.

The original video is from either Japan or Korea. Nevertheless, dancing is dancing, whatever the country that it comes from. It’s interesting to see these birds move to different types of music. I’ve seen videos that show them dancing to classic rock, R & B, electronic, and then this. It just goes to show you that any song can move them to boogie on down. Well, I’m not so sure about Gregorian chants…

Wasn’t this parrot so cute? What did you think of his dancing? If you have seen videos of parrots dancing to Gregorian chants, post one below!

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