Patient rescuers win trust of stray puppy who offers his paw in friendship

The puppy, later named Fram, was found wandering near a busy road. The poor fellow wasn’t just lost, but clearly disoriented, even bewildered. The people from Howl of a Dog, an animal rescue organization in Romania had no idea how he got there, but seeing his condition, it was clear nobody had been taking care of him.

The rescuers had to be careful about approaching Fram. If they inadvertently frightened him, there was no telling what direction he might run off in. For all they knew, he could dash right onto the road where a steady stream of cars and trucks were roaring by. They were just going to have to be patient.

That patience paid off. After an hour, Fram realized these people were there to help him and he made his way closer to them. When they were finally able to pet him, the puppy did something really touching: he put his paw in a rescuer’s hand! It was as if he was giving them his trust. On close inspection, Fram had fleas and ticks as well as some signs of mange. He was bundled into their car and taken to a vet. All the parasites were dealt with and the pup was given medicine and special baths for the mange.

Before long, Fram was doing a lot better. As you’ll see in the video posted below, he was having a great time frolicking in the yard and engaging in mock wrestling matches with other dogs. Given how this “polar bear” dog was so smart, friendly, playful, obedient, and able to get along with other dogs (and cats, too), it’s no surprise he was soon on his way to his forever home in England.

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