Paul Harvey tells “The Rest of the Story” about Elvis

The great radio host, Paul Harvey, presented a show called ‘The Rest of the Story.’ The show consisted of stories presented as little-known or forgotten facts about various subjects. Paul Harvey was one of the best storytellers in American history, and his broadcasts have been updated to a digital format for everyone to enjoy.

In this broadcast, Paul speaks about a famous country musician named Lonzo Green. He was visiting relatives in Tennessee, and he was a stranger in town who didn’t understand why his nephew Jimmy’s friend wasn’t allowed in their house.

The quiet, dark-haired boy from school asked nephew Jimmy if Lonzo could tune his guitar for him. The boy had a guitar but didn’t know how to do it. Jimmy’s friend could come by, but Jimmy’s parents wouldn’t let him in the apartment. They said he was from the wrong side of the tracks and referred to him as ‘White Trash.’

Lonzo didn’t understand, so he walked out of the home to meet the poor boy with a second-hand guitar. They sat on the curb, and Lonzo taught him how to tune his guitar. The boy thanked Lonzo and got up to leave, but Lonzo wouldn’t let him go.

Lonzo knew poverty from his own youth. With the cheap guitar, Lonzo sang songs with the boy, and he even taught him a few chords. The young boy never got to go inside the home, and he would never see Lonzo again, but he left with a wonderful memory.

The boy crossed the tracks back to his own side of town. It is a sad tale until you realize the boy went on to star in 33 motion pictures and sell millions of records. That boy would never be unwelcomed again.

His name was Elvis Presley. Paul Harvey reveals the surprise character from his story, and he closes with his catchphrase. Paul recites, “And now you know the rest of the story.”

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