Paul Harvey tells “the rest of the story” about the price of gas

Paul Harvey was the pioneer of the radio industry – one who told tales more often than he raised his voice. He was well-known for narrating stories to millions over the radio through his series “The Rest of the Story.” Harvey was a gentle storyteller who talked about little-known facts about several famous celebrities and things.

He had a unique way of getting the message across to his listeners. There was no one like him to date. His dramatic pauses and unconventional narration made him a well-known radio personality. Recently, one of his videos, where he talked about the “Gas Crisis,” gained numerous followers.

Harvey started to read the newspaper headlines and shared some of the most famous national news magazines from 1923. Most magazines spoke about the gasoline crisis, its causes, its ramifications, and maybe its remedies.

One of the headlines read, “World Race for Oil,” whereas another headline quoted, “What Gold was in earlier ages, oil is in these days. Oil is the paramount factor in the political economies of the day.”

“The oil may soothe the water of eternal seas. But it only adds unrest to the troubled waters of international diplomacy,” said another magazine. Harvey, with these headlines, wanted his listeners to raise awareness of what was happening worldwide in a brilliant way. However, he did not give any speech or speak about his views on politicians.

He merely stated his point of view on the “Gas Crisis” in the form of a story. He took the help of the newspaper headlines from the year 1923. These headlines from news magazines were written 85 years ago from the day of his broadcast.

Harvey’s message was simple for his fans and followers. The “Gas Crisis” was predicted a long time ago, and the gasoline crisis would not have happened had people paid heed to the warning in the headlines.

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