Paul McCartney is invited to perform at The White House, but no one expected this!

Former President Obama is one of the most popular Presidents we’ve had in a long time. What exactly made him more popular than others? Well, for starters, he was more of a people’s president than anything else. Whenever help was needed from the government, the population knew he would always be willing to go there and walk with the people in the trenches.

His family was very loved as well, his wife and former First Lady, was able to connect with many women in the United States. She gave dozens of talks and showed empathy for all those who were in dire need. Even though, once you get to the White House your whole life becomes scrutinized, they were able to show themselves as they were.

The American population discovered that they were a typical American family. They were held to very high standards of behavior and they delivered. Barack Obama was a President that loved sporting events. You could see him with his family attending basketball and baseball games all year. People would approach him, and he would never turn anyone down.

Some of his social speeches became very popular because he would use slang occasionally. He would go to schools or shelters and serve children lunch. His daughter would also go with him. His wife became a symbol of how a First Lady is supposed to behave like. She was the center of admiration for women around the United States and had a lot of followers on social media.

And social media became one of the President’s fortes. He was one of the Presidents with more followers in recent years, and one of the most active on them. Everyone loved the Christmas decorations they used to ‘dress up’ the White House. Their videos had thousands of views and became sources of unlimited shares by their followers.

The next video is an example of just how laid back the President was. This happened in the White House some years ago. The President had invited Paul McCartney to play with his band. A lot of celebrities were also invited, including stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld. When the guests knew Paul was playing, they were sure they would be having a superb evening. No one was prepared for what followed “Hey Jude.”