Paul & Paula’s Iconic 1963 Duet “Hey Paula”

Paul & Paula

The year 1963 saw the release of a song that has remained popular. It was a love song titled ‘Hey Paula’ by Paul & Paula, a duo formed by Jill Jackson and Ray Hildebrand. It was an impromptu performance that led to the creation of the song. They performed at a charity event in Brownwood, TX when the song was first sung. They decided to record it, and the rest is history.

Paul & Paula

At that time, a gallon of milk cost 49 cents, while a gallon of gas cost around 30 cents. John F. Kennedy was the President of the United States. This was a time of peace and prosperity; music was an essential part of the culture.

‘Hey Paula’ was released on Major Bill Smith’s LeCam label and became an instant hit. The song was so popular that it sold nearly two million copies in early 1963. It was a simple love song that touched people’s hearts worldwide. The song’s success caught the attention of Mercury Records’ Shelby Singleton, who reissued it on its Phillips subsidiary. He also renamed the duo Paul & Paula, which didn’t go down well with them, as they were known as Jill & Ray in West Texas. Nevertheless, they went along with the name change.


The performance of ‘Hey Paula’ was outstanding, and the duo’s chemistry was palpable. The audience could feel the love and emotion in their voices as they sang the song. They sang with passion, and the audience responded with cheers and applause. Evidently, the song had touched their hearts and brought back fond memories.

The performance was a reminder of the simple things in life and the importance of love. The audience could relate to the lyrics, which discussed a couple in love and their journey. The song’s success was not surprising, as it was an excellent representation of the culture of the time.

Paul & Paula

The song was just over six minutes long, and Major Bill Smith believed it was too long. Ray Hildebrand used the cut parts to create ‘Young Lovers,’ another hit song. Paul & Paula followed up ‘Hey Paula’ with ‘Young Lovers’ and ‘First Quarrel,’ which were also popular.

‘Hey Paula’ is a timeless classic that has remained popular for over five decades. It is a love song that touches the heart and reminds us of the importance of love and relationships. It is a reminder of a time when music was simple and spoke to the soul. So, watch the performance of ‘Hey Paula’ and share it with your friends because it is a song that will bring back memories and touch the heart.

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